Major Musician Icon Has Shocked Everyone What He Did To Hungry People In The Streets

Rock musician Jon Bon Jovi’s foundation is opening a third nonprofit restaurant, this time benefiting college students in need.

The JBJ Soul Foundation is opening a third Soul Kitchen Community Restaurant at Rutgers University’s Newark Campus, the school announced.

Bon Jovi attended a groundbreaking ceremony at the school on Nov. 22 ahead of the restaurant’s scheduled opening on Jan. 22, 2020.

The foundation already has two locations in New Jersey where patrons either make a donation for their meal or settle their tab by volunteering in the kitchen if they are unable to pay.

Homelessness is a social taboo that isn’t spoken of too frequently. Because of this stigmatization, people who are homeless or poor might not seek help and won’t get access to the resources they need.

Those restaurants, located in Red Bank and Toms River New Jersey, have fed nearly 106,000 people, with 46 percent of the meals being meals earned by volunteering and 54 percent paid for by donations, according to the organization.

Patrons are also encouraged to connect with new people during their meal as a way to “meet [their] neighbors.”

At the Rutgers location, called “JBJ Soul Kitchen RU-N,” guests can pay a minimum donation of $12 or volunteer for a three course meal.

Rutgers and the JBJ Soul Kitchen cited growing rates of food insecurity on college campuses as a motivation behind the new location.

The newest project of Bon Jovi and his wife is aimed at students of Rutgers University who are having a hard time paying for nutritious food. Bon Jovi said: “We all think it’s a rite of passage to study hard and eat ramen noodles. How about if it’s the only thing you can afford?”

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