Before And After Shocking Photos Show Devastating Extent On Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is just one part of Australia that has seen the devastating effects of the bushfires and while many places have been hit, before and after pictures of the island show just how cruel they have been.

The bushfires have been raging since November, leaving untold destruction in their wake, making the Californian wildfires of recent news pale into insignificance.

Chris Dickman, an ecologist at the University of Sydney told The Huffington Post:

“The original figure ― the 480 million ― was based on mammals, birds and reptiles for which we do have densities, and that figure now is a little bit out of date. It’s over 800 million given the extent of the fires now ― in New South Wales alone.

“If 800 million sounds a lot, it’s not all the animals in the firing line.“

Genoa Bridge after.

The fire devastated over 160,000 hectares of the island, including the Flinders Chase National Park.


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The ecologist at The Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife organization, Heidi Groffen, highlighted the extent of damage done by the fire:

“People call this place a little Noah’s Ark. The island is a refuge. This is the largest fire we have seen in a long time.” 

The following before/after photos reveals the effects of the bushfire on the island.

According to South Australian Country Fire Service chief officer, Mark Jones, 135 firefighters remain on the ground, working day and night to ensure the conditions do not aggravate.

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