The 10 Most Expensive Things Rihanna Owns

As a singer, actress, businesswoman, designer, songwriter, philanthropist, and diplomat, there is very little in the world that Rihanna can’t conquer. The global superstar is well known for her R&B songs as well as her rising Fenty Beauty makeup line. Not only did she change the world of beauty and music, but Rihanna also completely reinvented her image throughout her career, proving to the world that there’s nothing you can’t accomplish with hard work and inspiration. Currently, Rihanna holds a net worth of $600 million dollars, which means she certainly has a little extra cash to spend. Today, we’ll be looking at ten of Rihanna’s most expensive possessions.


As the world’s richest female musician, it’s not a surprise that Rihanna has some ice on her wrist. Out of her extensive accessory collection, a Rolex Datejust stands out both for its glamour and price tag. The luxurious champagne and silver-colored trinket is worth $12,700 and features a reinforced steel and 18-ct-yellow gold band. Although Rihanna is known for her modern and boldly different style, this classic design adds just the right touch of sophistication to any of her outfits. Rihanna likes to contrast the bling of the watch with a simple t-shirt and camo jacket, letting the piece shine all by itself.


Although it’s hard to imagine, Rihanna grew up in a modest three-bedroom house and made her living selling clothes on the street! Given her tough early life, it makes sense that Rihanna chooses to indulge a little for her living comfort now that she’s rich and famous. One of her most luxurious homes remains a mansion in Hollywood Hills (outside Los Angeles), which she purchased for 6.8 million bucks in 2017. This chic Mediterranean-style home features six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and a contemporary design that perfectly suits Rihanna’s modern style. In addition to a luxurious pool and tub, the house also includes a full-on theater and spa for Rihanna to get pampered!


Aside from lavish homes, Rihanna also has a taste for awesome cars, like the Lamborghini Aventador. The $750,000 Italian car is not only known for its slick exterior and impressive price tag, but also for its massive power and comfort. Named after a fighting bull, it is no surprise that this luxurious car runs at about 700 hp, making it the ultimate sports car. Although some people inferred that Rihanna’s Aventador was a gift from Chris Brown, these statements remain rumors. No matter where Rihanna got the car from, one thing is definitely for sure; the international superstar is riding in style!


Of course, one mansion wouldn’t be enough for an international sensation like Rihanna. Intrigued by the coastal neighborhood of Pacific Palisades (on the coast north of Los Angeles), the superstar decided to fork over $6.9 million for the ultimate beach palace. The mansion and the estate are so expansive that it really should have its own zip code! Aside from having seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a huge media game room, and a full spa, the lot also features a beautiful rooftop sundeck. Furthermore, the entire estate is surrounded by beautiful oak and sycamore trees, providing the best natural fence. Rihanna loves to relax after tours and concerts in privacy and isolation at this beautiful home.


While it’s common knowledge that Rihanna has hundreds of thousands of adoring fans, it may come as a surprise to you that many celebrities are also deeply moved by Rihanna’s voice and personality. In fact, famous singer Jay-Z partnered up with ROC Nation and gifted Rihanna with an all-new, custom Porsche 911 Turbo S that’s worth $160,000! This black car is all decked out in decals just for Rihanna to enjoy and includes features such as all-wheel drive and a sweet 580 hp engine. Rihanna’s new ride is definitely the envy of not just fans and car enthusiasts, but probably several celebrities as well!


As the singer’s childhood home, Barbados holds a special place in Rihanna’s heart. In fact, she even became the Barbadian Ambassador Extraordinary in 2018. Of course, her nostalgia combined with her duties leads Rihanna to go house shopping on the beautiful island country. Her chosen mansion set her back by $22 million, but it seems to be worth every penny. Although the home technically only has five bedrooms, you would never have guessed that from the opulent exterior comparable to the luxury of the White House. This four-story mansion is located right by the crystal blue Caribbean Sea and remains the best spot for a party in Barbados.


In her car collection, Rihanna also reportedly sports the $1.45 million Mercedes SLR McLaren. Not only is this car super powerful with over 600 hp, but it also sports butterfly doors and an overall futuristic look unique only to itself. The car is also ultra-rare, with only a few showing up on markets here and there. Although Rihanna isn’t as big on collecting sports cars as some of her fellow celebrities, namely Chris Brown, the Mercedes SLR McLaren is definitely a very impressive purchase. Car enthusiasts and fans from all over the world look up to the Mercedes SLR McLaren, and the vehicle only goes to further Rihanna’s stardom.


As one of the world’s most luxurious cars, it’s not much of a surprise that a Maybach 57S has worked its way into the hands of the world’s richest female musician. At about $350,000, the vehicle isn’t nearly as pricey as the previously mentioned Mercedes, but it stacks up very well with its features. The Maybach is unique because it isn’t just for looks. Although the sleek sedan style is very attractive, the car’s main selling point is its unprecedented luxury. Rihanna loves her Lambo, but the truth is, the Maybach is more spacious and more comfortable to drive. Responsive, luxurious, spacious, and serene, the Maybach 57S may just be worth its price tag.


Although this one isn’t a tangible object, there’s no doubt that one of Rihanna’s most expensive possessions is her cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty. In fact, the line accumulated $570 million in just 15 short months! All the major stores, including Sephora, are carrying the brand, and it’s been a global hit since its launch. The marketing focuses heavily on diversity and aligns with Rihanna’s equality views, making it hugely popular in all demographics. Rihanna continues to improve her beauty line, coming out with seasonal styles and special products to suit all occasions. Unlike her other possessions, this is one pricey line that will keep bringing Rihanna profits!


Last but not least, Rihanna flaunts hundreds of unique outfits each year, both as everyday casual wear and for special occasions. Each individual set costs her thousands of dollars, but Rihanna isn’t concerned about such pocket change. After all, it’s important for a music queen to dress the part! One of the internet’s favorite Rihanna looks include an Adam Selman dress, some Stella McCartney shoes, a Dior bag, and a unique Jacquie Aiche chain for a grand total of about $10,000. Of course, that’s just one measly outfit among hundreds in Rihanna’s closet, so one can only imagine the total worth of her clothes.

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