Teens Fill Car Full Of Koalas To Save Them From Bushfires And Searching For All The Live Ones

Australia is on fire and so many things are happening right now. People are losing homes, firefighters are getting tired, animals are getting caught in flames and half a billion of them have perished in the fire. Medical help is so needed right now with the endangered koala population believed to have gone down a third of its original small number already.


There have been multiple koala rescues stories that are so heartwarming, like the truck driver who spent 90 minutes caring for one, the woman that braced fire to rescue one and the cyclist who encountered a koala that willfully walked up to humans for help.

This family was asked to rescue as many koalas as they can find on Kangaroo Island, one of the most hard-hit areas. The rich biodiversity here includes 50,000 koalas, but it has now dwindled to merely 20,000.

Two cousins, 19-year-old Micah and 18-year-old Caleb were driving around the island and were taking in 6 koalas in this video.

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